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There's no need to make multiple calls and set up different appointments for your home maintenance/repair/remodel projects. Make one convenient appointment, and we will take care of everything on your "To Do" list.
Thats why I am Last Call Home Improvements.

  • No project is too small
  • Honest reliable employees
  • We guarantee our work to be completed to the highest standard 
  • FREE management of any other licensed tradesmen (Plumbing/Electric) if needed
  • NO MARKUP on Materials, You pay for what we use, for the price we pay for it, Period. 
  • Click on the services tab to see just a few of the things we can do for you
Free Estimates    References Available
Fully Insured as required by law 
Military/Senior citizen discounts

My mission is to offer my clients a professional and reliable alternative to the fly by night handyman, with his toolbox of tape and glue, and the "thats good enough" attitude..... We think about the end in the beginning, and warranty the work we do. 
 Otis Lilly



Done right from start to finish

Plenty of people SAY they can do home repairs and remodeling, BUT what really matters is getting it done right from start to finish. Whether it's renovating a room, adding new living area, or making an everyday home repair, WE are professionals qualified to do the job: WE are not common carpenters, we are CRAFTSMEN. The difference is integrity, your project is my signature left behind for everyone to see. We will never say the words thats good enough, or try and explain that something is at trade standard, thats how the other guy says its almost right but not.  

Honest, Upfront Pricing

We perform all work using an honest, upfront pricing format. Our Service charge + Time on your project + Materials with reciept,  billing ensures that you pay only for the time spent working on your project, not an inflated estimate. Contract pricing available for most projects if Requested.   

Safety First

We take the safety of my clients very seriously. As a quality service provider, we keep the jobsite safe, for you, your children, and your pets. An accident isn't an accident if it could have been avoided. We strive to achieve the highest levels of customer service by setting standards of cleanliness and courtesy, so you can trust that you are working with professionals.

Last Call Home Improvements
Otis Lilly
269 Pothole Ln
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